It’s a wrap!
Shen Yun 2018 World Tour has completed…
but it doesn’t have to end for you.
Bring the music of Shen Yun Home
Go behind the scenes
Madeline Lobjois
Meet Lead Dancer Madeline Lobjois
This dauntless dancer advises: the less worried you are, the fewer burdens you'll have and the more smoothly things will go.
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Beauty of the Divine
Beauty of the Divine
The “heavenly” costumes Shen Yun dancers wear on stage are authentic remakes of traditional Chinese dress—said to be inspired by the attire in the heavens.
Photos from Tour
Photos from Tour
Our performers capture fun times in Paris, Mexico, and beautiful Honolulu.
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Coming Up:
Shen Yun headquarters is already abuzz preparing for this fall's Symphony Orchestra tour and an even bigger 2019 season. Stay tuned for updates!